Canine Cough/dog colds will always be around as long as dogs are socializing, just as common colds among people still develop every year. There are so many strains of the cough that the vaccine does not protect against and there is no vaccine developed yet that covers all strains so just because your dog is vaccinated does not mean they are 100% protected. So, what does this mean?

In a nutshell if your dog is going to socialize with other dogs there is a pretty good chance, they are going to get sick. Just as kids going to daycare or school get sick when they attend.

Here is what you must ask yourself.

    1. Is the benefit of my dog going to daycare going to outweigh the risk that they may contract a dog cold?
    2. If your dog gets a dog cold will you be financially prepared to find an alternate caretaker and possibly take them to the vet for care?

With this being said, pet insurance may be a great idea to help cover costs of any colds or injuries that may arise.

Several dogs have recently been brought into our facility exhibiting signs of canine cough/ dog cold. Upon noticing the symptoms owners are contacted and the dogs are kept separate until departure. Mild cases of Canine Cough or dog colds typically go unnoticed until activity or excitability occurs then symptoms present themselves……. Meaning dogs may have been fine at home but once running around with play mates we may see some hacking, coughing, or sneezing. Attached you will find the sign, symptom, and timeline. We respect every dog owner’s decision and want to be as transparent as possible with all our clients.